Saxon Unmanned

A Trusted Leader In Unmanned Systems

Located in Kansas, USA, Saxon Unmanned (Saxon) is a leading solutions provider for unmanned and autonomous remote system technologies for the government, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, and private industry.  Saxon aircraft support high-level missions such as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), SAR (Search and Rescue), mapping, and inspection.

Actionable, accurate data depends on the utilization of a reliable collection methodology. The team at Saxon Unmanned has extensive education, knowledge, and experience regarding data refinements that provide the most valuable client insights. Accurate, reliable data starts with Saxon Unmanned products and services.

Who We Serve

Saxon Unmanned provides a rugged, modular airframe to accommodate most large sensors for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), Infrastructure, Energy, Offshore, and Agriculture industries. Saxon aircraft get the job done.






Designed To Your Specifications

Actionable, accurate data can only be obtained by reliable collection methods. The team at Saxon Unmanned has extensive knowledge and experience in data refinement that delivers valuable insights. This understanding allows our team to evaluate and develop aircraft systems and sensor integrations that will meet your mission objectives. Let us create the right solution to meet your needs.

Technical Support