TASC Tactical Crawler

TASC Tactical Crawler is the first of it’s generation and will set the bar for Autonomous Robot Crawlers.  Standing at over 5 feet tall, TASC is designed for autonomous operations in industry across the board.  Over 70 hours of anticipated operational sustainability, TASC will lead the way.

Key Features
Optimum Cruise Speed
25 mph
Maximum Speed
50 mph
Maximum Operating Conditions
45 degrees, small rocks, 4 ft water
Autopilot Controls
pixHawk, APM, Lockheed Martin,
DDI Navigator
Steel, 10 ft
8 ft
Maximum Payload Weight
400 lbs
Towing Weight
250 lbs
Empty Weight
400 lbs
Payload Area
25 cubic feet
Remote Start, Full Autonomous
Return to home, Failsafes
Handheld Transmitter, Ground Station, Mobile Command Center